Septic treatments are one of the most important aspects of proper septic system maintenance. Septic Treatments consist of bacteria and enzymes that are flushed into the septic system, where they colonize and live. Once inside the system, they work by dissolving waste matter into easily disposable liquid instead of solid waste, which must be periodically pumped out of the septic tank. Rescue Cesspool provides cesspool pumping services for your Long Island residence or building.

Rescue Cesspool offers an environmentally friendly Bacteria/Enzyme Treatment that can be used in septic systems, drains, and grease traps. This product helps digest waste within the septic system, and additionally controls unwanted odors. Furthermore, it will digest grease that could potentially clog up the septic lines and improve percolation back into the ground. All these benefits help your septic system work properly, with properly flowing drains, septic tanks, and grease traps.

Our treatment is environmentally friendly because it is non-toxic, not poisonous, and it doesn’t corrode your pipes or septic tanks, nor will it contaminate the groundwater. It’s important to use treatments that are friendly to the environment because your septic system dissolves into the ground, and corrosive or poisonous treatments will damage the environment around your property.

Choose Rescue Cesspool and our environmentally friendly Enzyme/Bacteria Treatment; not only is it friendly to the environment, it will potentially save you thousands in septic costs. Our treatment is sold boxed, with a twelve month supply of individually packaged treatments.

Septic Treatments