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Rescue Cesspool & Drain, is a cesspool company that specializes in installation, treatment, restoration, and much more across Long Beach. We’re known for our exceptional reputation in the field! That’s because of our advanced equipment and friendly customer service. In addition, our prompt, 24/7 emergency service allows our Long Beach customers to rely on us whenever they have an issue with their cesspool. We’re committed to showing up at your house or business as soon as possible! Our customers also choose us because of our emergency alarm notification system. It’s designed to alert you as soon as your Long Beach cesspool is starting to get backed up.

Our family owned company has over 15 years of experience in working with septic systems! As a result, we know how to care for any cesspool we come in contact with. Rescue Cesspool & Drain, provides our cesspool services all over Long Beach and New York City for the convenience of our customers. Moreover, what makes us truly unique is the advanced technology we implement in every job. With our own branded trucks, we only use the very best methods and equipment for all of our services. We’ll easily exceed any expectations you might have!

Here at Rescue Cesspool & Drain, , we value trustworthiness and reputability. We show up for every appointment on time and show the utmost respect for our customers. We truly understand how frustrating it can be to deal with cesspool issues on Long Beach. That’s why we visit your home as soon as possible to take care of the problem. Our employees will do anything in their power to take care of every job. Each staff member possesses years of experience in the industry, handling all kinds of septic system services. They do this all while remaining courteous and respectful as well. We’re certain that you’ll be impressed with what we do for you.

In addition to cesspool services for Long Beach homes, Rescue Cesspool & Drain, is proud to assist commercial businesses too. We’ve crafted a distinct plan to cater to them, which is both comprehensive and competitive. To begin, we do a thorough inspection of your septic system and ensure that everything is in proper working condition. We’ll also provide you with a specialized treatment that will keep your septic system working great. Furthermore, we’ll work with you to form a custom maintenance plan for your property. Proper maintenance is what will prevent any potential mishaps from occurring.

If you need any kind of service done for your Long Beach cesspool, call Rescue Cesspool & Drain today at 516.626.2525 for Nassau and 631.239.6800 for Suffolk. Whether you need a small cleaning done or an entirely new cesspool installation, our technicians will be ready to do it for you. We hope to hear from you and provide you with a quote! Our Long Beach employees will make sure your cesspool is in the best condition, so you’ll never have to worry about mishaps down the road.