Rescue Cesspool & Drain installs cesspools for homeowners and commercial clients in and around Long Island, NY. Cesspools are a great way to install a septic system for a new building, without excessive costs associated with other options.

A cesspool is a cylinder that is open to the earth, allowing liquid water to escape into the ground while keeping solid waste contained. We have all the necessary equipment to install cesspools quickly, efficiently, and for a reasonable price.

Septic Tank Installations are a great option for new construction that requires a more extensive septic system than a cesspool can provide. A septic tank has an inlet and outlet pipe, with a rectangular or cylindrical tank that separates solid and liquid waste via gravity. Septic tanks can be combined with biofilters and aerobic septic systems to further assist in wastewater treatment.

Grease Traps are a necessary part of septic systems for many kitchens and restaurants, which use large quantities of grease, high viscosity fats and lards. Grease traps intercept greases and related solids and prevent them from entering the septic system, where they can prevent bacteria from breaking down solid waste and causing problems with the treatment of waste water.

Septic Tank Installations
Cesspool Treatment Long Island

A dry well is a subterranean structure which acts as a holding tank for storm or flood water. Many properties in Suffolk County and Nassau County, NY could potentially benefit from a dry well. From the dry well, the water drains into the surrounding soil at a fairly slow rate, minimizing the excess water risk to nearby buildings.

Catch basins offer a similar function to dry wells, but tend to have smaller dimensions. They are often used as part of a suite of storm proofing measures. For example, the water collected by a storm drain may well be discharged into a catch basin, where it will slowly and safely drain away.

Let Rescue Cesspool handle your cesspool’s installation.