Storm Drains and Catch Basins

It’s always a good idea to have us inspect your storm drains and catch basins when we’re working on your cesspool. Rescue Cesspool & Drain, wants to make sure your entire sewage and drainage system is working as it should. Trust in us to take care of all your cesspool and draining needs!


If you’re experiencing a season with frequent rainstorms, it’s possible that your storm drains could have a great deal of stress on them. The main purpose of these drains is to direct excess water to drainage lines, so your building isn’t affected. However, if storm drains become too overloaded with water, issues such as flooding, backups, and even damage to your property can occur. When there’s too much water, it has nowhere else to go.

Our professionals will thoroughly examine the state of your storm drains and make sure they’re working at their full potential. We’re also able to completely clean, maintain, and treat your storm drains so they’re in their best shape for years. These services include removing blockages and debris as well. Rescue Cesspool & Drain will take care of anything that’s preventing your storm drains from working properly. Let us take care of all this for you so you won’t have to worry about any your property being damaged.


Catch basins are just one small component of a typical drainage system. However, they play a large role in the first step, also known as the collection stage. When a catch basin is experiencing too much debris buildup, it won’t allow water to leave through an underground pipe. Unfortunately, this can result in flooding, property damage, clogged pipes, and damage to the environment.

At Rescue Cesspool & Drain, we recommend having your catch basin cleaned every year to prevent these issues from occurring. We’re the company to call when you need regular maintenance done on your catch basin! We’ll thoroughly inspect it so you won’t have to worry about any problems developing in the future. However, if your catch basin is already experiencing severe buildup, our technicians can take care of that as well. We’ll work quickly and efficiently to eliminate any kind of blockage in your drainage system.

When you need a company you can rely on in Long Island, NY, for storm drain and catch basin solutions, choose Rescue Cesspool & Drain, . We can be reached at 516.626.2525 (Nassau) or 631.239.6800 (Suffolk). When you schedule an appointment with us, you’ll be impressed with the courtesy and professionalism that our technicians show in every job.

Dry Wells are structures which sit beneath the ground and act as a central drainage facility for storm water and excess water from other sources. We are able to provide the specialist cleaning and maintenance your dry well needs to stay in premium condition. Particularly before the rainy season, it is important to ensure your dry well is in good shape in order to ensure maximum effectiveness.

Catch Basins are considerably smaller than a dry well, but safeguard your property in a similar fashion. We provide a full cleaning and maintenance service for the catch basin of your Nassau County or Suffolk County, NY home. Scheduled servicing ensures that when the rain comes, your catch basin is unobstructed and able to deal successfully with the excess water which is generated.

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