Septic Improvement

Septic Improvement Program

Over the last several years, there has been a push to move to advanced septic systems (I/A OWTS) in Long Island, New York. Nitrogen pollution from cesspools and septic systems has been identified as the largest single cause of degraded water quality contributing to beach closures, restrictions on shellfishing, toxic algae blooms , and massive fish kills, according to Reclaim Our Water.

There are grants available for residents in priority areas in Long Island to help cover the costs of these new nitrogen-reducing onsite wastewater treatment systems.

Rescue Cesspool & Drain is certified to install these approved systems, and handles all aspects of the entire process – from helping with the grants, working with engineers, installation and on-going maintenance of these advanced septic systems.

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Nassau and Suffolk Programs

There are septic system replacement programs available for residents and businesses in Nassau County and Suffolk County, New York. Click the link below to see more resources on available grants and programs.

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