Air Conditioning

When summer arrives, you don’t want to be left with an inefficient air conditioner. Instead, rely on Rescue Cesspool & Drain, LLC to repair or upgrade your trucksystem as needed. We’re skilled in providing just the right systems to residential and commercial buildings, in order to keep these spaces at comfortable temperatures. Whether your family needs to keep cool from heat waves or you need your office to be at the perfect temperature for maximum productivity, we’ll provide you with what you need.

High Quality Air Conditioners: We recommend having your system upgraded or replaced every decade or so. If you have an older system, you could be paying more in energy bills than you need to. Replacing it with a brand new, modern system can often solve that problem for you. Rescue Cesspool & Drain, LLC would be more than happy to replace your air conditioning unit for you and install one of the best ones on the market instead. A new system also guarantees that you’re breathing in better quality air, which is essential if anyone in your home or office has asthma or allergies.

Installation, Repairs, and Maintenance: Our technicians have all the skills needed to perform complete installations, major repairs, and regular maintenance tasks for air conditioners. We have years of experience in handling any kind of air conditioning dilemma that comes our way. In addition, when you choose us for maintenance, you’re ensuring that you won’t have any issues with your system for years in the future. Your air conditioning system is one of the most important investments in your home – let Rescue Cesspool & Drain, LLC properly maintain it for you.

Prompt Service: Whenever you schedule an appointment with us, we’ll show up on time and with everything we need to complete the job. Our experts will evaluate your building and help you decide on the perfect model to meet all of your needs. For your convenience, we have a wide variety of air conditioning units to choose from. Likewise, we’ll walk you through the entire process. We’re sure that you’ll be completely pleased with all of the work we do for you.

Give Rescue Cesspool & Drain, LLC a call now at 516.626.2525 for Nassau or 631.239.6800 for Suffolk to have all of your air conditioning needs met. We’ll provide you with an estimate that suits your budget, as well as service that will exceed your expectations. Make sure you’re completely prepared for summer’s heat waves with a working air conditioning system!